I was up extra early this morning because it was my son’s first day of school for his grade two year! I don’t even know how grade two snuck up so fast – I’m sure he’s still three right?…RIGHT??? No?…Fine.


Anyway, because I had some extra time I decided to restock my birth bag with snacks and the things I need to camp out (sometimes for 18 or 24 hours at a time) at a birth. One of my favourite things to bring for both myself and for my clients to eat during labour, is trail mix.


Not your every day trail mix, this trail mix is delicious. It also happens to be a great choice for a mom to eat during labour to keep her energy up, and for a tired partner to grab a quick bite in between contractions! When deciding what to eat during labour it’s important to remember a few simple rules:

  1. It should be quick and easy to chew and swallow during contractions.
  2. It should pack a good amount of nutrition in small volumes
  3. It should be absolutely delicious!!


Consider making this (or something similar) when packing your birth bag instead of stale store bought granola bars that are pasty and take a long time to chew when you’ve been breathing hard. It’s full of healthy fats, vitamins, and a bit of sweetness for fun and for energy! Click here for the printable recipe!


I like to use walnuts and almonds, coconut chips, dried fruit, chocolate chunks, and maple syrup in mine! No specific measurements, but more nuts and coconut than fruit and chocolate 🙂


Start by warming a pan on the stove top to about medium heat. Add a thin layer of nuts. You CAN put all of the nuts in at the same time, but I find that the walnuts toast faster than the almonds do. I don’t mind the flavour of burnt walnuts, but if you do, be sure to toast one kind of nut at a time. Add a little pat of butter or coconut oil.



If you’ve never toasted nuts before here’s a bit of a warning for you – they can go from not done to done in no time.  On average at medium heat they take about 4 to 6 minutes. Give them a shake every 30 seconds or so to avoid burnt spots. If your nuts are drier or blanched, they will take less time.


Once you’ve toasted all of the nuts and coconut you’re using, increase the heat to medium high (8 or so) and let the pan heat for a few seconds. Pour in 1-2 tbsp of maple syrup (some prefer to use honey and that’s ok too!) per 1 cup of nuts. The syrup should bubble when it hits the pan! Toss the syrup around with the nuts and coconut chips for a few seconds.



Once all of the syrup (or honey) has coated the nuts and warmed through, scrape it all out into a container or onto a sheet with parchment paper. If you put it in a container right away you WILL have to break it apart later. Fair warning lol.  If you want to add a pinch of salt this would be the time to do it – before everything cools off and the syrup isn’t as sticky.



Now you have gorgeous candied nuts and coconut! Wait until it cools and then add your dried fruit and chocolate.





TADA! Perfect labour snack for all! It goes really well with Labouraide too!


You can find all of the recipes under the From the Doula’s Kitchen category or by visiting the downloads page for the free printables!

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