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Most parents simply want to do what’s best for them and best for their families. In the search for help and guidance in figuring out what the ‘right’ thing  they often turn to friends, family, and parenting groups on social media.


Post (or comment) about any topic from when to do a pregnancy test to whether you should be induced, to feeding and sleeping choices and you’re bound to run into what is lovingly being termed the ‘Sanctimommy’. Have you met Sanctimommy yet?

Mom Shaming Sanctimommy

She would NEVER feed ‘rat poison’ (formula) to their child and anyone who does just isn’t trying to breastfeed hard enough. And goodness help you if you don’t feel comfortable baby wearing!! Then there are her friends – one who would NEVER consider anything but crying it out because bed sharing will raise spoiled weaklings (spare the rod spoil the child after all!), and the other who says that women only refuse epidurals because they’re looking for a gold star or a trophy! The Sanctimommy pod is there to tell you exactly what’s wrong with your parenting from as early as conception to as late as, well, I suppose it never really stops.


If there is ONE thing that I wish for you as a doula, heck – from one parent to another – it’s that you will find your voice and your confidence as the parent of your child. No one knows your child’s needs, your needs, your partners needs, your FAMILY’s needs like you do. Most of the (normally well meaning) people you meet throughout your parenting career will have opinions about what you do and how you do it but rarely will they spare you their lectures.


By all means, listen to what they have to say! Being willing to hear about and learn from another parent’s experience can provide you with a wealth of information and things to consider, but at the end of the day YOU have to take that information, process it, and do what’s best for you and YOUR family.


So as you embark on this amazing and truly wonderful path that is parenting, please remember this:


There is NO way to be a perfect mother..but there are a MILLION ways to be a great one.  

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