Looking for ways to make birth support fit your finances?

These savings are available RIGHT NOW!


Early Booking Discount

Save 10% on your birth support or childbirth education package when you book before your 18th week! Valid on the following packages:

  • Nestlings
  • Hatchlings
  • Fledgelings
  • Flightpaths 1 and 2





Just the Basics Package

Looking for a very simplified level of support? Really only want help during birth itself? The Basics package might be right for you!

The Basics

  • In person meeting/consultation
  • On call from weeks 38 to 42 for your birth
  • One 30-60 minute prenatal meeting via phone or skype
  • Birth attendance
  • 2 weeks of Postpartum phone/email support

Discounted rate: $900


Not valid with any other discount or promotion

Payment Plans

You have payment options with Little Love Doula Services! Clients may choose to remit payment in full at the time of signing, OR make installments along the way with the payment schedule!

Payment Plan 1 (Standard):

  • 25% NON REFUNDABLE retainerĀ in order to secure services
  • 25% due at the time of the first prenatal meeting,
  • 50% will become due at the time of the second prenatal visit, no later than 36 weeks of pregnancy, and prior to my attending the birth.


Payment Plan 2 (Your Way):

  • 25% NON REFUNDABLE retainer in order to secure services
  • The remaining payments can be provided in any increments you wish – weekly, biweekly, monthly… whatever is easiest for your family’s budget!
  • All fees must be remitted prior to 36 weeks of pregnancy, and prior to my attending the birth.


I am able to accept email transfers, cash, and cheques. Any postdated cheques must be dated for prior to 36 weeks of pregnancy.