What is the Process?




Process of working with a doula




When I first heard the word ‘doula’ as a first time expecting mom in 2008 I had NO idea what it meant. Once I figured out that, no, it wasn’t a type of birth ball or another word for midwife, I decided to set out in search of someone to guide my family through our pregnancy and birth – but I had no idea where to start, how to find one, or what to ask her once I DID find someone to interview. I needed more information about the process of working with a doula.

Hiring a doula doesn’t have to be a complicated, intimidating, or difficult process! I’ve created a simple outline of the what is involved, and I’ve written a two part article outlining the process step by step including my suggestions for unique interview questions, and what working with a doula can look like!


So You’d Like to Hire a Doula (part 1)

So You’d Like to Hire a Doula (part 2)

The Initial Consultation

Let’s see if we click with a no obligation consultation!

Consultation Follow Up

I can answer any lingering questions via phone or email!

Make A Final Decision

Choose the doula and the package that’s right for you!

Keep in Touch

I’m here to help and listen!


Begin prenatal visits.


Terms of service agreement & pay deposit.

Your Baby’s Birth Day!!

Time to meet your baby!