About Doulas

What are Doulas?



Two pink lines and your care provider’s confirmation – you are going to have a baby!! Now what?

Getting ready for your baby’s birthday, learning about your pregnancy, the birth process, developing your birth preferences, and making plans for the early parenting weeks is no short order to fill in a fairly limited amount of time!

What would it be like if you had someone who had training and experience in all of these areas by your side? What if they were with you every step of your individual journey – someone who knew all of your preferences, who had spent time talking with you and your partner to really get to know who you are and what matters to you both Someone who had been on call for your questions, and had helped you find and sort through evidence based information sources throughout your pregnancy?

What if this person was on call 24/7 to join you when the time came for your baby’s arrival? What if this person helped you understand what was happening as your birth unfolded, helped you find comfort and relief during your contractions, and relaxation during the breaks? What if your partner was well informed, had a team mate to help with position changes and massage techniques, was able to grab a quick snack and use the washroom with less worry?

This trained, experienced person is your doula.

As a doula, I specialize in helping families navigate their baby’s birth with confidence!



Maybe you’re wonderingwhat exactly does a doula DO?  What does the popular summary of “Physical, emotional and informational support” even mean?

Doulas are there for YOU. Before birth a doula will help you sort through the MOUNTAINS of information, advice, evidence, and cultural expectations hoisted on a pregnant woman, narrowing things down and clarifying your most important birth preferences. 

During birth doulas have no clinical responsibilities. None. Zero. My focus is on you and your partner. I believe nurses get into their profession because they care and because they want to help. However, with clinical tasks for multiple patients, hospital policies, and shift changes, their ability to remain focussed on the emotional and comfort needs of a labouring family can be.

Doulas are an objective support person, helping to keep a calm atmosphere, reminding you of your preferences, suggesting questions to ask for more information, and supporting your choices.

Doulas are there for your partner helping to relieve some of the anxiety, pressure, and responsibility they feel and allowing them to be ‘in the moment’ with you.

A doula does not leave immediately after birth, and will provide feeding support and guidance.

A doula is YOUR birth support expert!