Little Love Doula Calgary

My Story

“Today is a good day!”

I think I looked at my doula like she had 8 heads and a tail when she said that to me at 2 am after several hours of active labour. She put her arm around my shoulder as my fiancé pulled the car up and opened the door. I looked at the stars and she said, “Today is your baby’s birthday!!” And there is nothing I can do to thank her enough for that moment. Those two sentences took me from trying to cope with the intensity of labour to remembering WHY I was doing it in the first place, from uncertainty to joy, gave me a purpose behind the discomfort, centered me and grounded me.

And that moment is why I would be honored to be your birth doula.

I am lucky enough to have been surrounded by women and men who both respect the remarkable physical capabilities of a labouring woman, and treasure birth as a sacred and tremendously impactful moment in the lives of the mother and her loved ones. It is through these people that I have developed nothing short of a sincere love and appreciation for pregnancy and birth. I believe that whether I am attending a home birth with minimal intervention, a medicated (epidural) delivery, or a birth by Caesarean Section, I have been invited into one of the most incredible moments of a person’s life – and I believe that moment is worthy of dignity, honesty, sincerity and JOY!

My doula helped me find the joy in my birth story and I hope to do the same for you!