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I think I looked at my doula like she had 8 heads and a tail when she said that to me at 2 am after several hours of active labour. She put her arm around my shoulder as my fiancé pulled the car up and opened the door. I looked at the stars and she said, “Today is your baby’s birthday!!” And there is nothing I can do to thank her enough for that moment. Those two sentences took me from trying to cope with the intensity of labour to remembering WHY I was doing it in the first place, from uncertainty to joy, gave me a purpose behind the discomfort, centered me and grounded me.

And that moment is why I would be honored to be your birth doula.

I am lucky enough to have been surrounded by women and men who both respect the remarkable physical capabilities of a labouring woman, and treasure birth as a sacred and tremendously impactful moment in the lives of the mother and her loved ones. It is through these people that I have developed nothing short of a sincere love and appreciation for pregnancy and birth. I believe that whether I am attending a home birth with minimal intervention, a medicated (epidural) delivery, or a birth by Caesarean Section, I have been invited into one of the most incredible moments of a person’s life – and I believe that moment is worthy of dignity, honesty, sincerity and JOY!

My doula helped me find the joy in my birth story
and I hope to do the same for you!

Melanie Little Calgary doula I am a (very happily) married mom of one little boy who is my world. I have strong interest in aromatherapy, hypnobirthing, hydrotherapy and all things maternal nutrition related. I am currently pursuing my DONA International certification and am a member of the Calgary Doula Association (paperwork pending). I provide customized prenatal and childbirth support to families in the Calgary area ‘formally’ as a doula and to others in an informal setting.

I am currently offering 3 packages and flexible payment plans so you can choose the best fit for your family's needs.

Calgary doula servicesA birth doula provides emotional and informational support throughout a woman’s pregnancy, and adds physical support and comfort measures during the labour and delivery stages. This may include massage, hydrotherapy, counter pressure, visualization, relaxation, focused breathing, applying hot or cold packs, or suggesting position or movement changes.

As a doula I am NOT in the business of taking birth away from fathers. I will support your partner by helping them remain calm and focused on you, providing suggestions, reminding them of questions to ask care providers on your behalf, making sure they get a meal (whenever possible), giving reassurance that, yes, they can go to the bathroom without leaving their labouring partner on her own, and helping you work together though one of the most profound events in your life.

Why hire a doula? Here are just a few key reasons!

  • Southern Alberta doulaA doula is there for YOU. Before birth a doula will help you sort through the MOUNTAINS of information and data and evidence and cultural expectations hoisted on a pregnant woman, narrowing things down and clarifying your most important birth preferences.
  • During birth a doula has no clinical responsibilities. None. Zero. Our focus is on you and your partner. I believe nurses get into their profession because they care and because they want to help. However with clinical tasks for multiple patients, hospital policy and shift changes, their ability to remain focussed on you and your labour is limited.
  • A doula can be an objective support person, helping to keep a calm atmosphere, reminding you of your preferences, questions to ask for more information and supporting your choices.
  • A doula is there for your partner, helping to relieve some of the anxiety, pressure and responsibility they feel and allowing them to be ‘in the moment’ with you.
  • A two person labour team can be extremely supportive – for example your partner will sway or focus your breathing while the doula can be applying the double hip squeeze, using massage or other physical comfort measures.
  • A doula does not leave immediately after birth, and will provide breastfeeding support and guidance.


The Nestlings package is perfect for those who want just the basics!

Two hour prenatal meeting to address your specific concerns and preferences, and those of your partner Unlimited phone and email support from the time of hire through to your baby’s birthday. On call 24/7 for your labour from the moment of hire until your baby is born Immediate postpartum support after delivery to assist with breastfeeding, physical comfort, and any questions or concerns you may have One post-partum support meeting A typed time line of your baby’s birth day A CD with any photos I am able to collect Use of FREEMOM TENS Machine


With a total of 8 hours of in person prenatal and postpartum support, this package has been designed based on feedback from Calgary families to be an excellent fit for those looking to enhance their birth readiness with additional dedicated prenatal support.

The entire Nestlings package PLUS a two hour comfort measures workshop! Learn about hydrotherapy, focus and breathing techniques, positions for labour and more...


The Fledglings package has been tailored to meet the needs of families who want the most informational and emotional support available for their birth and who are looking for extended informational support into the post-partum period. I will join you at your home as early as the first days after your baby’s birth to assist with reinforcing your breastfeeding relationship and early transition in your new family roles, and again in the weeks ahead as a follow up postpartum visit.

The entire Hatchlings & Nestlings package PLUS 8 weeks of phone /email availability for extended postpartum support Access to my lending library of books and dropbox articles archive

Birth Basics

This four hour intensive is perfect for those with previous birth experience, who will be pursuing their own research and continuing education, or for the very time crunched! This class covers just the very basics.


Beyond the Basics

Let’s dig deeper! With more time for in depth conversation, interaction, and more topics to discuss, this class series will help you be more prepared for labour, birth, and the postpartum period.


Baby and Me

Based on the Lamaze Childbirth Education curriculum, this class series includes 12 hours of education including a postpartum refresher after your baby is born. With plenty of time for questions, this class covers it all!


Want to combine your Childbirth Education classes with Doula services? I am happy to create a custom package for your specific needs!

To anyone considering this, do it! Mel was my doula with my first born (daughter Wren) and she helped make it the most wonderful experience in the world, I couldn't have done it without her, she's an angel in disguise and I absolutely recommend her as a doula. I know Shawn would mimic my words too, he would have been a wreck without you there.

Having Melanie assist my wife and I with the birth of our son was extremely helpful! I would be happy to refer her or use her again in the future!

Melanie was great to have in the L&D room. She always focused her attention towards her client and used many useful techniques that were very helpful!

Thank you for everything you did for us! You were a huge help to us both and we appreciate everything you did. You made our delivery better – you are a fantastic doula!

Serving Calgary, Airdrie, Irricana, Okotokes, Banff, Kathyrn,
Balzac, Canmore, Chestermore, YYC, Southern Alberta.